Surprising invitation focuses on the bond with your relations

Let guests guess about a secret outing or activity.

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How it works

Step 1

Choose your surprise invitation:

A Hintle invitation always starts with physical mail. This contains the start date, first clue and a personal code. Are you going for the elegant Card, or are you going out with the Box? We ship without a sender, so you can also keep yourself a secret. Personalization is possible.

Box Experience


  • Secret invitation Box
  • Lots of confetti
  • Hint reveal-app for invitees
  • Shipping costs

Card Experience


  • Secret invitation Card
  • Classic, double postcard
  • Hint reveal-app for invitees
  • Shipping costs
Hintle E-Mail

Email Experience


  • Digital only
  • Digital confetti
  • Hint reveal app for invitee
  • Still experimantal

Step 2

Schedule hints about the event

With hints you let your guests guess about the plans for your event. This is how you create hype around a team outing, anniversary, product launch, or opening. Hint about, the theme, dress code, outing, activity and the starting location, for exemple. Also nice: involve your guests in advance in putting together your event by asking questions about music, dinner and theme wishes.

Invitees open hints via our Android or iOS app, or via the web experience.

Unique, a lot of fun and even quite nifty

The coolest invitation for 25 to 2000 invititees.
Less than 25? Use Hintle personally

Fits your style

Send everything in style. From invitation, to confetti to your Hint page. If you want, we even design your hints.


Push or email, invitees choose their favorite type of hint notification. Because privacy is paramount.

Presence and absence

Live insight into who can and cannot come to your event. This way you know exactly what you can count on.

Pass on dietary requirements

Eating or drinking at your event? Then a list of dietary requirements should not be missing. We got you covered.

Custom invitation

Are you already looking for a nice invitation? Ask about the possibilities to integrate the online hints.

Link to external pages

Link to a video. Get quotes, music tracks via Google forms. Or reveal the link to an online event space.

Reviews without surprises

Over 1300 people invited

First step towards an alternative social network

Germain Glenn Rik

With every Hintle sent, we are one step closer to an alternative social network. Because the current ones are broken. Where they used to connect us, they now connect us to our screen. The culprit? The business model ads. Because if you want to get rich, you have to show more ads. Therefore, you will automatically focus on services that will keep people online for a longer time. That is why at Hintle we only want services that strengthen the close bond. Services you are willing to pay for. The Hintle surprise card is our first step: celebrating close bonds. Goal two is our moon shot: a place that helps to maintain your close bonds. Then we go on a Mars mission: creating close ties. So with your Hintle you don't just connect your guests, you might connect, Hintle for Hintle, the whole world.

Onze missie

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create good hints?
We got you covered. With your personal touch and a little magic from Hintle. Discover our list of tips to come up with super creative hints. Still need help? Use the little chat button, and we are here to the rescue!
Have you got some inspiration for an outing?
Yes we have. We got a list of 20, and... you can always send us an email to get some help.
How do I keep my surprise a secret?
Yaasss. That pokerface, how do you keep it? We got some tips for you at our blog.
Can I book an outing via Hintle?
Not Yet, but this is definetely the hottest option on our roadmap. Need some help coming up with a original idea for an outing? Just give us a call, or smash that email into our inbox at
How do I know the surpriser knows me?
Good one. People at Hintle first check theirselves if you might know each other. If not we contact the surpriser. If you want to know for sure it is not your ex or weird colleagues, just send us your thoughts and we will double check it : ). 
I want to invite a large group, can you help me on-board them?
YAASS. so nice! And of course, if you are inviting over 20 people, send us an email and we will send you an empty .csv, so you can copy and paste your own database into it. 
Best time between invitation and 'the special day'?
We mostly advice a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks. The longer, the more anticipation. Shorter means less hype. It also depends on what you are planning. A spontaneous picnicking? Maybe a half year is a bit too far away. But for a wedding, it might be too early. 
How does a Hintle fit your event or outing?
  • Celebrate close bonds
  • Improve employer branding
  • Increase involvement
  • Improve turnout