Discover the surprising flavors behind your Hintle surprise

How and why everything is about bringing society closer together.

Our founders and people in the Hintle Team

Who will help you direct your surprise?

Sure, at Hintle you deserve the podium. Because whether you are surprising or surprised, one thing is certain. You are worth looking at, celebrating, thanking. We do everything we can to give millions of people the same feeling and share your beautiful gesture.

That is why we take the stage anyway. Because why do we get so much pleasure out of packing thousands of Cards and Boxes full of Confetti? (Don't worry, you are still an early adopter). And what if you want to surprise us with a compliment, like to ask a question about tips for a great outing?

Germain Miedema

Germain Miedema

Founder - Creative Director

Founding enthusiast of Hintle. A foster child who moved 13 times between the ages of 4 and 19 before feeling 'safe'. Just starting to learn to bond a bit and immediately turned it into his mantra. Because how often do we celebrate the beautiful people around us? In a world in which social media is odd enough driving us apart. To solve that, he likes to put great visions and creative marketing skills on the table.

Glenn Bergmans

Glenn Bergmans

Strategic Surprise Advisor & Co-Founder

With his experience in various startups, he keeps the whole team on its toes to deliver well in the short term. Because Glenn is only too happy to see more people take the time for a 'slow and qualitative moment together'. In addition to skills for operations, he also brings developers skills and an almost unsurpassed urge for technical SEO brilliance. And did we mention his great sense of sales?

Rik van Loenhout

Rik van Loenhout

Front-end Developer & Co-Founder

If you want technical highlights, Rik is at the front. With his knowledge on both front and backend developing, he keeps our Hintle experience sharp. In addition, he brings experience from Eventix and pushes us to always create that "overwhelming" experience. Because Rik also feels that the more special something is, the longer you can look back on it.

Like us a bit?

Do you believe in our story, and are you ready to invite someone to a secret outing or activity? Then click on make invitation. Do you want to use Hintle for a special occasion with a large number of invitees? Then contact us. We can 'brand' your Hintle into to your design, including confetti.

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