Terms and conditions, without surprises

Nope, no one likes this part. That's why we keep it short, and most of all without surprises.


  • Hintle: the brand of Hintle B.V. Takes care of the surprise invitation.
  • Surpriser: someone that is surprising someone else with a outing or activity via a Hintle invitation.
  • Invitee: someone that has been invited by an Surpriser, via a Hintle invitation.
  • POSTNL: Mail delivery service in The Netherlands.
  • MOLLIE: Arranges everything around your payment.
  • HETZNER: Our hosting provider based in privacy minded Germany.

About our company


HintleĀ is the brand behind the dutch company Hintle B.V. you can find us in the Dutch chamber of commerce via KVK 76679950. You will find our HQ at the Torenallee 26-50 in Eindhoven. The service of Hintle is a physical surprising invitation, combined with an online Hintpage where you can release hints about an self organised outing or activity. It's also possible to keep yourself as a sender a secret.

Sending an invitation


Via Hintle you can indicate when you want the invitation to arrive. We depend on POSTNL for this. They promise to deliver 95% within 24 hours, but according to their conditions they can also deliver a little later. We can therefore only guarantee that 95% of our invitations will be in the physical mailbox a day later. We do not deliver on public holidays, Sundays and Mondays. If you order before 18:00, we usually deliver your invitation to the postal service the same day, unless it is busier than expected. We will inform you about this, but you cannot request a refund.

What if someone cancels?

A Hintle invitation does not guarantee someone's presence. If someone unexpectedly cancels, see if you can change it, you can simply reset the timer to a new date. Is that also not possible? Then you are a bit of a bad luck. One thing is certain, the other will certainly thank you for the initiative.

My invitation was broken in the mail

Ugh. How annoying that you tackle this rare problem. Have the invitee send a photo. If the person can successfully use the Hint page, we will refund 50% of your invitation. Never arrived? Or completely destroyed? Then we refund everything.

Booking my surprise activity

Hintle cannot guarantee the presence of your invitee. Therefore, buy your tickets or tickets only when you are sure that the invitee is going. Or rely on the power of 'Marktplaats' / Craiglist and Ticket Swap, or ask if the ticket is also valid at a later time.

Uploading media, your responsibility

In a Hintle invitation, you can make Hints with your own images, texts and links on the online Hintpage. The responsibility for placing your own media such as images or links to external media lies entirely with the Surpriser. We will transfer disputes about copyrights, or links to malicious software, etc. to the Surpriser. We do not actively check the content in our hints and assume that you have the rights for using media and positive intentions in linking to external media.

Receive an invitation

How do I know I know the other person?

We are not responsible for the identity of your surpriser. However, we do manually check data from the surpriser via Google, Facebook or LinkedIn. Want to be sure? Then ask a question on your Hint page and indicate that you want to know who the other person is. Still don't trust it? Cancel the appointment and send the reason why in a question. Bad luck for the surpriser, but your safety is paramount.

Double check the location

We are not responsible for the location that the surpriser specifies as a starting point. So always check whether it is a public and safe place to meet. Don't you trust it? Then indicate this in the hints and don't go out until you are sure you can trust it. If necessary, ask someone to join you to meet the surpriser on that location.

Your data

Storage and data processing

Your data is stored on Hetzner's servers. This is a German hosting service. In short, your data is in the country of privacy laws and neat in Europe. We send data neatly via a SSL certificate. (the green lock in your browser)

Payment provider

Our payment provider Mollie manages everything around your payment details. We have access to this, but do not store it in our own database.

Your data, your property

Your data remains your property. Do you want us to remove them? Send an email to hi@hintle.com. Realize that if your invitation is still running, this can have consequences.

Data in reports

We often leave your personal data untouched, unless you give us permission to share your wonderful surprise on social media, for example. In addition, we make reports of statistics within moments. The data cannot be traced back to a specific invitation.

Force majeure? Bad luck

When is there force majeure?

Suppose we are hacked, which is force majeure, then you are out of luck (just like us). Also in other matters that we cannot do anything about; fire, bombs, attacks and more misery, we may not compensate for damage suffered. Even though we try to do everything in our power.

We can tell this terms nicely

Dutch law applies

We can tell you nicely, one thing is certain: Dutch law always applies to these terms and conditions. So if something is not legal that is stated in these conditions, that condition will lapse. The rest of the conditions will still remain valid.

Adjusted continuously

Hintle changes a lot and that also changes in the conditions. We are therefore guaranteed to change things in this document. As a surpriser we always inform you of major changes. We will not bother you with minor changes such as language errors or better sentence constructions.

Send us a message

Question not listed?

Please send your question by email.

As a startup, we have far from answered all questions. Help us by submitting your question, we usually respond the same day. And otherwise within 24 hours.

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