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Het verhaal van een Eindhovense startup


Cozona! New cool things to do with friends, even in a period of social distancing.

Great ideas to stay in touch with the lovely people around you during Corona.

What should you do in a period of social distancing, while we need each other so badly now? Not to mention the potential boredom. We therefore asked ourselves: how can we combat boredom and directly ensure that you still see your ...

Create plans at Blue Monday

Beat Blue Monday in a surpising way

It's Blue Monday today, a possible reason you could feel a bit 'so so' today. But no worries. We have a surprising solution. But first: where does Blue Monday originate from?

Hintle at Giel Beelen's radio show for #brotherandsisterday at radio veronica

Listen the audio fragment from 4:30

Brothers and sister day. What a soggy hassle. Is this a must?Yes, a typical case of 'someone that never felt a family bond'.However, that story made it to the radio show of Giel Beelen during #broerenzusdag(brotherandsisterday)

The Hintle rebranding

A new name, the same ambitious goals

Hintle: the Dutchies here are never quite sure how to pronounce it. But come on! Squirtle, Google. Need we say more? It actually took us a few weeks to come up with this name. Until we actually started thinking of a name that resembled ...

Whooo! Je eigen afbeeldingen als hints.

Naast toffe thema's, kan je nu ook je eigen afbeeldingen als hint gebruiken

Nog meer hype rondom je verrassing! Want onze nieuwe feature is hier: hints met als achtergrond jouw eigen plaatjes. Nu is de sky de limit. Ontdek onze toffe tips.

Voldoende geinspireerd?

Start dan met je eigen avontuur! Verstuur eenvoudig een uitnodiging, zet leuke hints klaar en leef toe naar jullie mooie ervaring.

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