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19 March 2020

Cozona! New cool things to do with friends, even in a period of social distancing.

Great ideas to stay in touch with the lovely people around you during Corona.

What should you do in a period of social distancing, while we need each other so badly now? Not to mention the potential boredom. We therefore asked ourselves: how can we combat boredom and directly ensure that you still see your friends and family at a regular basis? Because Binge Watching ain’t that cool in the end.

What should you do in a period of social distancing, while we need each other so badly now? Not to mention the potential boredom. We therefore asked ourselves: how can we combat boredom and directly ensure that you still see your friends and family at a regular basis? Because Binge Watching ain’t that cool in the end.
Let us introduce: Cozona! A surprising way to stay cozy in your own zone. See what we did, hehe. And you read it correctly: with friends, family, or your colleagues, at an appropriate digital distance. Contagiously fun ideas, and we can’t wait to add yours! DM us your initiatives via Hintle.stories on Instagram, or send an email via So we can compel a great list of things to do while not physical together. And of course we mention your greatness.
For now: have fun, stay at home, and keep surprising with the following ideas.

# 1 Bake off with your friends

You don't usually bake cakes for yourself. But what if you turn it into a competition, where you can enjoy the result afterwards? Plan a day with someone to do a cake baking contest remotely.


  • 1 day or date and time for the bake off.
  • A recipe that every team can ma
  • Ensure that all ingredients are bought in adv
  • Assessment criteria: what does it look like, speed, decoration, ingredients used. You are the
  • 1 phone per team with skype, facetime, or google hangouts
  • Cup of coffee or tea. And a bit of patience for the result
  • A standard to chat after your bake-off


Find a recipe on your favorite recipe site, such as Smulweb, or the Albert Heijn app. Challenge a couple or your friends to come up with a counter recipe and get started at the same time. Turn on your messenger and get started while you are enjoying chit chatting. Then put it in the oven and wait. Only drawback? You have to fantasize about who has the best tasting result. Hint: fake it until you make it.

#2 Watch a movie or series at the same time 

You can watch series on your own, but of course also at the same time, with your friends, or one of your family members. Add popcorn and a good glass of your favorite soda. Setup a whatsapp call, prepare the video for playing, do a count down loudly and then press play at the same time.
 Now put yourselves on speaker, or respond via WhatsApp… so you can discuss immediately if something shocking happens, or if you are yawning. Enjoy!

#3 read and discuss a book together 

Yes, with that travel time gone and night spots closed, there is a sea of time left to…. exactly: read books. What, books? Hell yes. Whether you like fiction or non-fiction, books make you a better person. Only drawback, you often read a book alone. It is much more fun if you discuss what you have read together. Arrange a digital book club with friends, or try asking someone through your social media network. Reading and discussing at the same thing with 2 or more people makes it extra fun because together you gain beautiful insights that make your bond stronger again. Just set the pace by calling a page number as a limit. Then send each other a message when ready.


#4 plan a secret date night

Is your partner at home, and do you want to surprise each other a bit? How about a secret date night? Indeed, you cannot go to that favorite restaurant, but do not worry: you are more creative than you think! Find a tasty recipe, have the groceries delivered (or the favorite restaurant 😉). Prepare the candle light, set the table and play warm cozy music. In short, pamper the other completely. Secretly try to stock up on some extras, and stick some nice notes at home that you are preparing something. (Or send a Hintle!). Successful? Turn the tables next week. Mmmm!

#5 Danceparty with friends and a simple DJ-app

Grab your onesie from the closet, charge your headphones, and warm up your dancing feet. Because who said we can't party anymore?! Oh yeah! Place a beer or wine in the fridge and invite your friends to do the same at their home. Let them tune in to your favorite beats. Or let them even switch after your ‘personal set’. Spoiler alert: you don’t need DJ skills, you need to have fun!
Needed: Zoom. An online tool with which you can share your screen and the audio from your computer. Your friends can then switch on from any device and hear your DJ set. And you really don't have to be a winner  because you can just do it via Spotify with the free Demo by DJAY app on your computer or phone. Do you want to go completely crazy? Make sure the party people wear funny gadgets  and make self-cut confetti. You can't be too crazy. Make it a party!

 #6 Organize a secret pizzadate / Sushidate

The catering industry is having a hard time… And you are of course missing those favorite dishes with your friends! Well, we see a solution here. Make someone feel special by organizing a digital date and have your meal delivered to a friend at the same time. Invite the person via a Hintle Card and book the delivery service on the evening. Put the order number of yourself in the comments, and that you would like to have it delivered to the other person at the same time. Awesome! Whether you have pizza or hamburger delivered, or wish for delicious fresh Sushi. Now the only thing you need to do is: open your laptops, set up a video conferance tool and enjoy! 
Cool hints to make the anticipation more fun:
"Have a nice chat, but with whom?"
 "We can discuss the latest gossip here"
 "You don't have to cook"
 "You can stay at home"
 "Don't worry, we give virtual hugs"
 'Choose a nice playlist in advance'
 'Put this videoconferencing link in your agenda in advance'

Help us with this list : )

Have you got some cool ideas, or already succeeded in som. Help others to do cool stuff as well, send us a DM at hintle.stories on Instagram, or send an email via This way we help each other to experience the best possible way together.

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