The search for an original wedding save the date!

This contribution was written by Renske Trimbach, a surpriser via Hintle:

Germain Miedema Germain Miedema 10 July 2020
The search for an original wedding save the date!

The time has come, the romantic marriage proposal has been made, Yes we are getting married! The start of our wedding adventure. Pinterest worked overtime, suits, dresses, themes, thank yous, cakes and wedding invitations. Google is your best friend, they sometimes say, but we couldn't find the perfect save the date card, let alone the wedding card that should follow it.

How we know Hintle
We have both been surprised via Hintle and have surprised via hintle. We enjoyed both. The tension of what you are going to do, what the hints do mean and especially with who you are going to do what. And on the other hand the fun of organising. Surprise plans, have mail sent, hint plans and then a confused face or texts with 10,000 questions, so lovely! That's how it came to us, in the middle of the Hema, on a weekday day. A save the date card and wedding invitation in one ... via Hintle!
Invitation to a wedding?
Whatsapps were sent to the founder of hintle. Is this possible? How are we going to do that? Is it fun? With only 1 conclusion; yes we are going to do this! Oh my gosh... the anticipation already started, for us! We liked the fact that great ideas came from Hintle as well. A card in custom, personal colors and with an image that we could provide ourselves.
Post in style wedding
And yes, then we immediately made the first hint of that. An image of an art piece that we love to buy with potential wedding gifts. After permission from the digital artist, the image was printed. A personal text and code made it complete. Now Hintle only needed to send it by physical mail!
All physical mail ready
The first hint was ready and we couldn't wait for the first mail to arrive. Once in, the first questions came through the Hintle app. "I already have an appointment, do I have to reschedule it?", "Do I need a babysitter?" New challenges surfaced and our creativity was put to the test. We could count on the help of Hintle with this too.
Tension among the guests
Soon messages started to come in from friends who didn't like it all. “What is this, I don't trust this? You can walk to the moon and more clarity is needed ... ”
The cogs in our heads were working overtime, how do we solve this? For all was a solution and everyone continued to follow our Hintle.”
Hints followed one after another; do you say yes to this surprise? After this day you really enjoyed it .. and a surprise to get through a ring. Do you see the hints to our wedding?
As the hints followed, clues got unravelled by family and friends, or they just failed at all. We really enjoyed that people kept on guessing. On the last day there had to be some hints and a movie. The unveiling! A day with a full agenda, 30 minutes before the unveiling we still had to film and the 2nd recording was ready to go online.
We sat there, in the Mac Donald with 2 hyperactive kids ... 8:00 pm .. and the phones exploded! Full of happy enthusiastic reactions to our surprise. The time of our surprise was adjusted ... 365 more days ... full of hints about our wedding! We love bringing friends and family on this adventure and we hope they enjoy it too. On to our day !!
Curious how Hintle can arrange a surprising wedding invitation for you? Including landing page and an overview of who will and who will not come?