The Hintle rebranding

A new name, the same ambitious goals

The Hintle rebranding

Hintle: the Dutchies here are never quite sure how to pronounce it. But come on! Squirtle, Google. Need we say more? It actually took us a few weeks to come up with this name. Until we actually started thinking of a name that resembled a Pokémon

For weeks we'd been struggling with a new name along the lines of 'hint' or 'invitation', because we needed a name that was more versatile than just a creative invitation. (We've got secret plans to take over the world!) Don't ask me why, but at some point I combined the Pokémon Squirtle with 'hint' and yelled through the board room, as happy as a kid on Christmas morning: "O-M-G, I've got it... Hintle!"

This didn't only resonate with the boxy meeting room, but also with the team. Germain immediately associated with Gentle. In fact it was a total no-brainer: this is our new name!

And no way, call it luck or coincidence. Two days later the .com would become available for auction. Lucky bastards. So we got the domain at a bargain.

Anyways. What this rebranding is going to do for you, is something we're going to be working on for the next few years. But we've got stuff in mind. The name hints that it's always going to be about hype and mystery, but above all it's about acts of kindness that will bring society closer together. (It's okay to cry a little)

Say Whoooat!?
What about Whoooat? Good one. Nice of you to ask. Whoooat has been the brain child of founder Germain for two years. The name had a deeper meaning: a shout of surprise, because Who and Where At (te location) were a secret.

But we got tired of trying to spell out three O's and an H in podcasts. And people had a hard time figuring out whether it was Whooo, Whooo dot At, Whoooat. Hintle makes it simple. Hintle like Squirtle. This means we can start on the next phase of our masterplan, instead of spelling out our name all the time.

Who are you going to surprise?
The wait is almost over and then we're officially Hintle. No more Whoooat. Behind the scenes we're still working on a new CARD and BOX design. Can't wait? We still have vintage, limited edition Whoooat boxes for sale. We'd love to help you out on your next surprising quest.