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My Hintle code doesn't work
No worries. Contact us via phone and mail and we will fix this. 
How do I delete my account from Hintle?
That's the spirit! You mind your privacy. Send us a mail via and we handle it for you. Be aware some order data will still be at our servers, since we need to have some proof if the Tax service gives us a visit.  Are you still involved in an active surprise, then we will only delete your account 3 days after the start of your surprise. 
Do I need an account as an invitee?
Absolutely not. Though, an account will make the experience much more fun. You can ask questions, and will receive hints as soon as they are revealed. To be honest, you just don't want to be an spectator.
How do I know the surpriser knows me?
Good one. People at Hintle first check their selfs if you might know each other. If not we contact the surpriser. If you want to know for sure it is not your ex or weird collegue, just send us your toughts and we will double check it : ). 

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