Dinner in Motion

Dinner with special Effects

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Dinner in Motion

What if you are not in one, but in dozens of moods while dining? And you just have to shift a fork for it. Discover Dinner in Motion. Where in addition to yourplate, the ambiance is also tailored to your course.

Plate served, spot on for extra ambiance. A delicious dish has just been served with a matching lighting atmosphere. Moving shapes that slowly accentuate the flavors on your plate. What did I actually get? Carefully pierce the culinary masterpiece with your fork. You examine it from all sides. Filters the aromas and dares to take a first bite. Mmmmm. What a surprise.

About Dinner In Motion

The Eindhoven Dinner In Motion is a restaurant where everything revolves around a light experience. They serve each dish with matching animations. From flowers to animals, everything happens on your plate during this dinner. In addition to paying for a great experience, the food is also for foodies. Since the flavors they serve aren't commonplace. Combine it with a nice wine pairing and your evening can't go wrong. Also ideal for large groups, in which it is possible to have the experience tailor-made.

Hints of the house:
Experience: Nothing is what it seems.
Location: Food with an extra dimension
Get your taste buds moving

Surprising at this occasions:
Nice outing for bachelor party.
Nice outing for your partner.
Nice outing for team outing or staff outing

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