Doloris' Meta Maze


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Doloris' Meta Maze

Mystery and magic in every corner of 40 rooms

Stimulate your imagination without a milligram of narcotics. Open the door and be seduced by the slides, rest, or absurd stimuli. A timeless ride through 40 magical spaces.

The door closes. There you are. Only, which way are you going? Use the slide or sink through the bottom to enter another world like an Alice in Wonderland. How long have I been here? What a colors, what a patterns. What is this?! You sit down for a moment. A journey through your inner self. Once outside, you simply have to discuss with your companion what you've seen ... Unforgettable trippy.

Hi Doloris',
Doloris' Meta Maze ... No this is not your average maze. This is a museum, meets art experience. No boring frames but a space filled with amazing rooms. 40 to be precise, decorated by the best experience artists. Intended to give you the trip of a lifetime. Although you will have to choose, because where some doors close, others open. Chat about this experience while enjoying a culinary drink card.

Hints of the house:
  1. Experience: A trip without drugs
  2. Location: Here you forget the time
  3. The outing: Important character in WestWorld
Fits on these occasions:
  • Nice outing for couples
  • Nice outing for your BFF
  • Nice as a staff outing

Be aware: your journey trough this maze will be on your own. At the rooftop bar you can talk about your experience, while enjoying the high quality card of food and drinks. 

Foto credits: Willeke Machiels, Booked via Doloris

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