Rituals Urban Spa

A Spa by the standards of Rituals

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Rituals Urban Spa

Did you know that your favorite care brand had Rituals spas? This quirky view once again confirms what they are good at: rituals. From Hamman, to shells, to a classic spa experience.

What should a Rituals Spa mean? You notice it immediately upon entering. Here they are just as friendly and beautifully dressed as you find in the Rituals Store. The scents feel warm and familiar. It is just like walking out of your own shower, only this time at VIP treatment level. And so you get ready for a wonderful scrub massage. Hammam .... Mom, will you join? 
Hi Rituals Spa,
Rituals, the much-loved care brand from the Netherlands, has dropped its rituals on their Spa experience. A surprising outing where everything is taken care of down to the last detail, and that moment is focused on yourself and the person you take with you. The nice thing about this experience? You can do it again at home, because the means they use to get you into a relaxing atmosphere are simply for sale. Is that smooth?
Hints of the house:
  1. Experience: You have to keep some rituals
  2. Location: In this place we get closer to nature
  3. The outing: Bring your swimming gear. (Just kidding)
Amsterdam, Maastricht
Fits on these occasions:
  • Nice outing for couples
  • Nice outing for your BFF
  • Nice outing with your mother

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