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Wondr Experience

OMG. OMG. OMG. Have you seen that slide! A bath with marshmallows ?! AAAAH. Make a slomo, make a slomo! Perr-ffect :). This.is.really.HI-LA-RIOUS. Okay, let's go to the confetti shower. Shake it baby! Oh yes, haha.

Shit my memory is full! So many photos! I don't even know which one to put online. Will it ever stop? Oh gosh. A ball pit, a model-for-a-minute space full of fans. Get rid of those hairs! Chin up and yeah cheesy.

About Wonder Experience
Or that overload of caps lock is an exaggeration? Ask the decibel meter at Wondr. This experience has been built so that adults can finally go to the playground. The art of play is central to this confetti-drenched Valhalla. - You understand we didn't need much to be hyped. - 

Where the introduction suggests that you are glued to your phone ... you can also say: in the safe with it. Wondr has several cameras to get you perfectly on that sensitive plate. 

So pay attention to that model move, or power move ... Have a great laugh and celebrate that friendship! You receive those memorable records at the end. How Instagrammable do you want them? Although, we suspect that you know much better how to shoot those gems.

Suits these occasions:
Nice outing for your bff.
Nice outing for the family during kids time.
Nice outing as a bachelor party 

Hints from the house:
Experience: Playground for adults
Location: Alice's favorite nightlife spot
The getaway: We're going to a world of miracles (trap, could hint to Efteling)

Your ticket grants access for 2 hours from your booked time. A trip takes approximately 60 minutes to 90 minutes. Just how long your camera memory can last.

Inviting with Hintle

The secret to celebrating a strong bond.

How do you give a special outing as a personal gift? Simply printing the ticket is boring. But what if you would keep your plans a secret? That's where inviting via Hintle comes in. You announce the date by post with a first clue, and use the Hintle app to reveal hints about your self-booked outing. If you want to make it extra exciting, you can also keep yourself a secret. This way you make the wait for the outing, suddenly part of the gift, which makes your gift super memorable.

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