A weekend away freshly squeezed in 5 hours.

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There you are, nervously waiting at the quay. We're almost leaving. The boat's engine starts, the scent of beautiful ingredients slowly waves towards you. Enjoy and feast slowly.

You leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind. Fresh air meets you, in combination with a beautiful nature reserve and a menu card to lick your fingers at. With your nose blown out, you make room at the table. Cheers. A beautiful dish, based on the tastiest seasonal vegetables and meat. 

About Vuurtoreneiland
Lighthouse Island is designed as a 5-hour mini-vacation on a nostalgic island in Amsterdam. You go there by boat, enjoy nature and a dinner prepared on an open fire. Here they go all out on a personal bond. Hence Hintle <3 Vuurtoreneiland. Selected only because our second Hintle customer ever (!) Came up with this original outing. But also, because you will never forget this. Only downside? Reserve two months in advance. Advantage: space for extra hints and unexpected moving possible! 

Throughout the Corona measures only for 2-4 people.

Fun occasions:
Nice with your group of friends
Nice with your partner
Nice your best friend or bff.
Hints from the house:
Location: Finally to an uninhabited island.
Experience: A weekend away freshly squeezed in 5 hours.
Take along: Good mood for a walk.

Dogs not welcome
Guided tour once a month.
Reserve 2 months in advance! So ideal for a Hintle.

Inviting with Hintle

The secret to celebrating a strong bond.

How do you give a special outing as a personal gift? Simply printing the ticket is boring. But what if you would keep your plans a secret? That's where inviting via Hintle comes in. You announce the date by post with a first clue, and use the Hintle app to reveal hints about your self-booked outing. If you want to make it extra exciting, you can also keep yourself a secret. This way you make the wait for the outing, suddenly part of the gift, which makes your gift super memorable.

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