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Clearly readable, so you know exactly what we do and why.

Information we use from you.


A surpriser sends one or more invitations. We monitor your first name, last name and email address. Based on the people you invite, we check via social media and google whether you really know the person you invite. You can change your details by sending an email to, even if you want to be removed from our system after a surprise.


As an invitee you can remain completely anonymous. However, the person who invited you did of course provide your first and last name and your address. We do nothing with this, except to see if the surpriser and you really know each other. As soon as you leave your email address (for the notifications), we will create an account. We only use this to keep you informed about your invitation. After your outing we will send you a questionnaire to check whether you are really positively surprised. :). If you want to be removed from our system after this: send us an email at

Cookies are sweet


Most of the cookies we use come from our own service. Youtube and Vimeo can also place Cookies, because these are the video players that we use on our website and in our hint service.

We over analyze, but it is not personal

As a startup, we are still far from profitable. That's why we over analyze to be sure we are doing the right things. We use tools such as Hotjar, Google Analytics, LinkedIn Insights, the Facebook Pixel, Twitter, Pinterest and Hubspot. Below we sum up what we do per tool


We only use Hotjar at our landingpages, to improve our marketing efforts and results. With this tool we see exactly how someone goes through our website. Where do you click, where do you scroll, do you read. Based on this insights we ask ourselves: does everything goes the way we designed it? Data that you enter in forms is anonymous, just like the entire session. So we cannot link it to you as a person.

Google Analytics

Who doesn't use it that has a website? And we too crave statistics. Of course, if Mollie sends us a message that a purchase has been made, we will dance on stage. We also want to know where that purchase started so we can optimize that page..

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest

Yes. Guilty as charged. We also use the analysis tools of the major social media. We don't do that to bother you, but to find exactly those people with the secret surprise gene. Otherwise we will waste precious advertising money. So we mainly look at whether our advertisements are doing well and whether our created target audiences are working properly. We do not use it to create a profile of you.

Though, we do target our advertisements, for example: friends of best friends who have their birthday within a month. Again, we do not record exactly which advertisement YOU used to make your surprising heart beat faster. We'll see if that ad does well based on actual purchases and consider starting a new one or investing extra into a good running ad.


We use this tool to manage our sales. If you request a quote for, for example, an original invitation to your wedding, or an invitation to your staff party, you will end up in Hubspot. In Hubspot we see for 10 days which pages you have visited to get a quote. We use it to prepare for our conversation to put together your wishes. We are well prepared. Super sympathetic right?


Mollie is our payment provider. Here you pay your investment in our magical invitation. (thank you very much for that). This service stores everything around your payment. From account number, to registration until the date on which it took place. We leave that information in Mollie. Based on your order number, we can view the information.

Questions? Ask!

Are you missing something in this privacy statement? Or is there something wrong? Please let us know and we will adjust it immediately. Thanks for the effort.

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