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How it works

How it works

Step 1

Choose your invitation

We've got an elegant CARD or the sparkling BOX. We ship anonymously, so your guests will have to guess who's inviting them!


Box Experience


  • Secret invitation BOX
  • Lots of confetti
  • Hint reveal app for invitee
  • Shipping costs

Card Experience


  • Secret invitation CARD
  • Classic post card
  • Hint reveal app for invitee
  • Shipping costs

Step 2

Give online hints

Tease with hints until the moment your outing starts. About yourself, the outing and start location, for example. You can use text, pictures and links. The invitee can use them to scratch them open on the day you release your hints.

Invitees can use our app for Android or iOS, or use the web experience.

Step 3

Plan your event

A picknick, surprise party or just a cup earl grey at home. But of course you can also go out and explore a new city or try underwater-hocky!

Could use some inspiration? We got you covered. Check out our inspiration outings.

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What will your @hintle.stories look like?

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A surprising success

Over 500 people invited
Carmen, Illustrator
Carmen, Illustrator
Mom could just bare the tension. She kept thinking about hints I gave. She loved my home-made wellness and hiking day as an outing a lot.
Giel Beelen, Radio DJ
Giel Beelen, Radio DJ
On national brothers and sisterday Hintle was live in the radio-broadcast of Giel Beelen at Veronica
Daphne, Photographer
Daphne, Photographer
It was really nice. Especially because my boyfriend could not guess what we would do. And when the time came the planned comedy night was just perfect!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create good hints?
We got you covered. With your personal touch and a little magic from Hintle. Discover our list of tips to come up with super creative hints. Still need help? Use the little chat button, and we are here to the rescue!
Have you got some inspiration for an outing?
Yes we have. We got a list of 20, and... you can always send us an email to get some help.
How do I keep my surprise a secret?
Yaasss. That pokerface, how do you keep it? We got some tips for you at our blog.
Can I book an outing via Hintle?
Not Yet, but this is definetely the hottest option on our roadmap. Need some help coming up with a original idea for an outing? Just give us a call, or smash that email into our inbox at hi@hintle.com
How do I know the surpriser knows me?
Good one. People at Hintle first check theirselves if you might know each other. If not we contact the surpriser. If you want to know for sure it is not your ex or weird colleagues, just send us your thoughts and we will double check it : ). 
I want to invite a large group, can you help me on-board them?
YAASS. so nice! And of course, if you are inviting over 20 people, send us an email and we will send you an empty .csv, so you can copy and paste your own database into it. 
Best time between invitation and 'the special day'?
We mostly advice a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks. The longer, the more anticipation. Shorter means less hype. It also depends on what you are planning. A spontaneous picnicking? Maybe a half year is a bit too far away. But for a wedding, it might be too early. 
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